Food is an emotion at The Bombay Canteen

With its twist on what’s traditional and its emphasis on sourcing and eating local, The Bombay Canteen has earned a loyal patronage that has helped the restaurant turn profitable in under two years. For Yash Bhanage and Sameer Seth, founding partners at The Bombay Canteen (Hunger Inc.), the idea of setting up a business in… Read more »

Rahman. Rockstar.

How A.R.Rahman has almost perfected the art, or should one say the business of continuously re-inventing himself   Over a good part of the last twenty years, my journey from an unabashed, unrestrained and fawning A.R. Rahman fan to a more mellowed and, I daresay, a mature fan has been an enjoyable one. People close… Read more »

Not just a chef

For Vicky Ratnani, the celebrity chef, it’s not just about cooking. It’s a combination of thinking, developing, articulating and presenting

Management lessons from a filmmaker

In this interview, Mani Ratnam, takes us through some of his experiences that can give entrepreneurs a different perspective on managing teams, handling disputes and dealing with success