JSW Ventures: Powering its way into the VC industry

JSW Ventures was born from the stables of the JSW Group, in 2016, as an early stage VC firm. Deependra Singh, who is a member of the investments team, takes us through his experience as an investor and what excites him about his role.  We caught up with Singh on the sidelines of pitchfest at… Read more »

Focusing on Bharat’s IP driven start-ups

Ashwin Raguraman, Venture Partner at Bharat Innovation Fund, talks to us about what it takes for him to say yes or no to a deal and about the future of the venture capital ecosystem in India.

A blend of value and growth

S. Krishna Kumar, Chief Investment Officer of Equities at Sundaram Asset Management Company, talks to us about his investment style which has evolved to become a blend of value and growth investing, with a bias towards growth companies. This blended approach, he believes, has helped him spot several small cap stocks early in their cycle…. Read more »

Learning to ride the market’s wave

Anand Radhakrishnan, Chief Investment Officer – Franklin Equity,  Franklin Templeton Investments – India, talks about his investment journey and the lessons he learnt from his career that spans over two decades.   With a career that spans more than two decades in the investment management sector, Anand Radhakrishnan, Chief Investment Officer – Franklin Equity,  Franklin… Read more »

“The Central bankers are allowing a massive mispricing in credit and this runs through the entire global economic structure.”

Given the current backdrop of global economic scenario, Prashant K Trivedi, Chairman of Multi-Act Trade & Investments Ltd, talks to us about his views on the “Cockroach” Portfolio approach, the effects of quantitative easing, his process of estimating valuations based on current conditions and outlook for Indian equities.

Why Fulcrum Venture India is betting on healthcare and pharma sectors

Krishna Ramanathan, Managing Partner & Founder, Fulcrum Venture India (Fulcrum), realized very early on in his investing career that taking bets on sectors and businesses he understood well was crucial. Today, Fulcrum is primarily focused on investing in early-stage entrepreneurs in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and wellness sectors.